Hi guys!! Its Ikezy and I am back! Sorry I wasn’t able to drop a post on Monday which has kind of been my weekly routine, I was a bit under the weather during the weekend and even though it’s not an excuse but excuuuuse me (lol) we all get to rest once in a while abeg (I cannot come and go and die). Its Tuesday today, so I am going to be unapologetic for my unseriousness hahaha. Besides “The Niggress” did justice to Monday motivational, so read up her post after you read mine yeah? Thanks.

Hmmmm, to be candid with you, I have no idea what I am going to be writing about but because of this God giving brain and talent that I have in me……(I just spoke in tongues) the inspiration to deliver something quite interesting is upon me. Wow! You know what? Nevermind! (still I remain unapologetic) lol. I do this a lot in person and I just wanted to know how it feels to be able to do it to you, yes you! And you too, who must be thinking I have smoked some kind of weed this afternoon.

Well, you may be right though because about 45 minutes ago. While I took a picture sitting on the trunk of one of our office delivery vehicles, both my photographer and my other partner in crime at the office brought out some leaves neatly packed in an air tight bag and signaled to themselves lol. No wonder my photographer was in such a haste to drop my phone, and of course as a result he took very ugly and blurry pictures lol.


Weed though! And what it does to people. I don’t blame them though; it seems to them as the perfect medicine to cure the constant negativity they get from my boss at the office. But better if they knew Christ, one of them keeps saying we are all going to hell fire lol. Oh my God, save me from this people and also help me to keep my mouth shut before I get into trouble just because I need my salary for this month lol. You know maybe it’s just the smoke from their joint that is just worrying me or that I am prolly smoking weed in my mind but anyways I remain unapologetic.

A colleague at the office just mentioned what he saw in the papers today and we ended up talking about a whole lot of other stuff. I am sure you are wondering how much free time I have at my disposal to be typing this at the office in the afternoon and also to be gisting with my colleagues at the same time. Well, I am not telling you (tongue out) lol. Your own is to read the post and move on with your life (okay I am sorry) but still not telling.

Okay before I completely digress from my gist which obviously has no direction yet, I am obviously distracted because of the presence of a lady who apparently is yet to pay me completely for a job I did for her last year. And she is just here making noise. Please help me beg her to pay me up o, you can ask her for contact in the comment section lol.

Okay back to what my colleague saw in the papers; a young guy spent 11 years in the University of Ilorin studying medicine and just when he was about to write his final exams, precisely a week before the exams, he dropped out. After hearing that, I was like wow! But it didn’t end there! The guy went on with his life and got admission into the University of Lagos (UNILAG as we know it) read Journalism and graduated with a first class!! And I was like damn!

The story didn’t end there, and also I am not going to be doing any explanation on this story because by the time I am done telling it, you must have gotten a moral or two from it. Now, the father of the man wanted his son to be a doctor and even though the boy struggled because he failed a couple of times, his father still paid the bills and when he decided to drop out his father stopped giving him any support whatsoever. He was left with His mother who helped him through his time in UNILAG and thus he came out with a first class. Wawu!

The father wanted desperately to be called the father of a doctor, or he is just paranoid and thinks too much of his son as an investment so he doesn’t get to suffer in his old age. Whichever way it is, it’s a big one and one that needs to change in our society today. I mean what is wrong with studying journalism or classics or Yoruba or wood products engineering (lol yeah I had to mention that). Of course I studied wood product engineering in school and I faced some kind of dejection at first, wow! Those times! I found it hard to tell people what I was studying, and even those that I had to courage to tell would respond like this “wood products what?” “What’s that?” “Is there a course like that?” “Don’t you like civil engineering?” “You are a glorified carpenter” “carpenter” but looking back now, how far I have come and what I am able to do now. It’s a different story! People are now like “wow! That’s interesting!” “I like that” “we need more courses like that in our universities” In my mind, I am like thank you oh! You can still call me a carpenter sha because I love what I do!!


  well i designed that, just incase you were wondering

Anyways to cut my long story short, we talked more on the mentality of African fathers and their stubbornness to release their children to do what they so much love to do and not cage them because of their own selfish interests. I mean, if you love your child well enough and you have trained him/her the way you are required to then you shouldn’t have a problem with whatever he/she chooses to do with his/her life. Remember that whatever your child chooses to do with his or her life is determined by the gift he/she possesses coupled with the environment you created for him/her whilst training him/her.

It was at this point that I chipped in my own opinion, I remember watching the documentary of Mark Zuckerberg and there was a part of the movie where they talked about his dad! At that point, (because of my African/Nigerian mentality) I was thinking; oh, he prolly will be living in a big house! Enjoying a huge percent of the billions his son is worth! Unfortunately for me and fortunately for him and to my utmost surprise, as the documentary would have it he was just as humble as Mark himself, I mean Mark obviously got his humility from him. He is a dentist and he runs his practice out of the Zuckerberg family home at 2 Russell place in Dobbs Ferry New York (look at how i put down the address as though I have been there before..hmmm, all na faith).


His name is Edward and he recognized his son’s passion for computers at a tender age, bought him computers and got him a programming tutor as well. You see, I have already promised myself to raise my children in a way that they are not scared to take on the world when they become very much older. Edward still lives his life as a dentist despite the tremendous success of his son, he stills opens the small office everyday simply because that is what he loves to do. (trust me, I will fake a tooth problem when I get to the U.S and go to his clinic because despite all this talk I still need 10 MILLION DOLLARS lol)

Between I stumbled on an 11 year old motivational speaker on instagram. Need I say more? Splendid kid!! I am always inspired by his words! Follow @kingnahh and @nicur_anonymous okay the second handle is mine lol.

I thank God my father is very understanding and completely trusts my career decisions but I know it isn’t the same for most people out there. For some people it’s too late. But trust me, its better late than never! So as men, try as much as possible to love your children and what they choose to do with their life and always remember that what they choose to do is a reflection of what you put them through. And to the ladies, just continue to be the loving and supportive mothers that you all are!



I knew this was going to make sense after all

Glory to God

I drop my pen (sorry laptop) lol..now it is broken.. ooooo (cries)

Iyam out!!