Hello, beautiful people!!!

It’s a new year that’s looking so good and full of wonderful promises.

People always have “new year resolutions” to be better people or to pick up a new hobby amongst other things all for the same purpose: to make you a better person. But people almost never remember to change things about their wardrobe or fashion sense that they have been hoping to change which in turn would make you look and feel better.

So today I’m going to give an easy guide to help you make better fashion choices throughout the year. Yay!

1. Buy a new piece every month

I know the first thing that comes to mind is “with which money?”

The truth is if we keep this mindset, we’d never get anything for ourselves. See it as you have a little treat or rewarding yourself.


You could get a new bag, shoe,  a trendy top or whatever it is that catches your fancy at the time.

This would be easier if you look for and take advantage of fairs and sales.

2. Identify areas you are not comfortable with and try to change

Maybe you wear makeup just because a bunch of people around you do or vice versa. If this makes you feel uncomfortable, then switch things up and do you!


Maybe you’re not so comfortable with skirts or dresses, try pants and feel freeeee haha.

3. Don’t be afraid to try something new

So you see a bag /dress/ top that’s different from what you’d usually buy? Step out of your comfort zone and go for it. lol!

People looking through a shopwindow
People looking through the window of a shop

You’re known for a particular colour. Break the jinx and try a different colour. Keep their mouths open.

You always dress down for stuff? Add a blazer to look a tad bit serious. Wear a corporate shirt instead of that plain T-shirt you wanted to wear. Lol.


Break a leg this year. haha!

Thank you for reading. I wish you all a wonderful year ahead.



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