During the holidays in between writing and celebrating the festive season, I had my fill of reruns of Arrow, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Marvel’s Daredevil, and Civil War (The comics, not the movie).

Though civil war largely inspired this post, all the other reruns had something in common that made me think and reflect on my life; Humans in masks go around doing awesome things, going the extra mile for the greater good.


Not that there is a problem with that, I mean, isn’t The Batman just awesome? However, most superheroes, at some point in their lives don’t know who they are anymore – Which version of them is the mask (alter ego), and which is their true self?

During the day.. Bruce Wayne’s sleeping game is on ‘fleek’

Case Study – The Batman (Yea, of course, you saw this coming). Bruce Wayne is the genius, billionaire, playboy who does a horrible job of running Wayne Enterprises during the day. At night, however, he wears his mask and becomes Gotham City’s greatest individual – he becomes his true self.

Later that night……

He wears the mask because he is hiding his true identity – his true self, so as to protect the people he truly cares about. But what if he is just scared of what people will think of him if he lets them know his secret.

It’s the same thing with real humans – with us.


We hide our true selves behind a mask (Our thoughts, feelings, genius, greatness, etc.). Afraid of what people will feel and think when they see who we really are. This fear makes us become “Bruce Wayne”  because those who own their masks are labelled ‘Crazy and Psychos’ (e.g., every single villain that is known to man), and it is only when we are alone, or in the presence of the Alfreds, Robins, and fellow JL members that we show who we truly are – “The Batman”.

Whereas there is a whole world out there just waiting to benefit from, enjoy, and experience your genius and greatness.

And that is the problem with the superheroes in masks. They can’t seem to drop their masks because without it, they’re not who they really want to be and they can’t stand it. Their lives outside the masks are like torture, and they can do anything to be themselves again. (In a twisted way, deep down, they probably keep thanking villains for showing up and causing trouble).

But what if showing who we really are makes the world see us in a better light? Like, Ironman.


Everyone knows who he is, and they’ve accepted him as a hero. Someone who can fix their problems. A man (though stubbornly dickish) that pulls heroes together and leads them into victorious ‘earth-saving’ battles. A genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, ironman, and leader of the avengers.

Now before we go off track, you first need to understand yourself and who you are under your mask. I’m talking about the hero and not villain in you.

There is good in everyone, and imagine the earth-changing and peaceful possibilities if we channel that good to the earth and humanity as a whole.


That’s the real person under the layers and layers of the many masks you wear (don’t you even think of the faceless assassin in Game of Thrones). That’s the real you – the good you.

Now are you going to own that mask in 2017?


If you choose to throw your Bruce Wayne persona away and fully own The Batman, then that will be amazing. If you also choose to keep working from the shadows (like me), as long as you are doing some good in this world, then own that mask in the shadows. But whatever you choose to do, throw out the bad in you, and OWN THAT GOOD!

That’s what 2017 should be about. Doing some good, writing our wrongs and being the best version of ourselves so we can change this world.


Come December 2017, let’s make sure we have achieved everything good thing we set out to do this year, and if you haven’t made a list, make one now!

Happy New Year to you all!

Do have an awesome year ahead, be inspired, and make sure you read SapidSapiens every day!

I really was planning on going in another direction with this post, but it ended up being motivational (Ike is so gonna kill me). Ah well! As long as it does some good, it’ll be worth it!

I’ll go in the actual direction I wanted to, someday soon.

Have a Sapid 2017!

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