All living organisms, from unicellular organisms to multicellular organisms have similar templates responsible for their being which is the genetic code. And over time life has evolved from unicellular to multicellular, and peaked [as far as we know] at us, humans. I will define life grossly as being able to move, eat, react to external stimuli, grow, excrete, and reproduce.

So I want to make some sort of overview as genetic code -> life [peak -> human]

Right now, there’s another parallel to that equation involving machine language and robots. Now I’m not too familiar with the most appropriate terms in the computer realm but I’ll try to be as accurate as possible. From what I know, all software operate on a programming language. Now, we have seen the evolution of software and computers, and now many systems are capable of some independent actions to some extent, [all our worlds of games consist of characters with inbuilt set of instructions of how to act, regardless of the gamer], and with the current evolution, it’s only a matter of time before many artificial intelligence starts acting independently of our actions.


In fact, right now, some artificial intelligence programs have been thought how to write instructions to create other artificial intelligence [which can be likened to reproduction among living creatures]. So basically, there’s another equation forming right beside the equation that governs us: Programming language -> artificial intelligence {I do not know maybe they’ll call themselves “living creatures”} [peak -> ? ]


So if we put these two equations beside each other we can say they are similar and one begat the other (humans made artificial intelligence via the codes of programming).

Based on this we can deduce that there was/is some sort of code [let me call Alpha] and therefore intelligence that begat the genetic code itself.


Where/what is this Alpha code?

Did the Alpha code lead to the creation of life on Earth or the very Universe itself?

Does the Alpha code exist with us?

Would artificial intelligence decipher the Alpha code?

Did our genetic code and eventual intelligence wipe out the Alpha code? [just like Artificial intelligence would probably wipe out / or outlive/dominate our genetic code]
Food for thought!