Hey guys, so today I am just going to follow in the footsteps of my very good friend George who is also an author on this blog lol. it’s been a very hectic last few days for me and it also promises to be even more towards the end of the year.

I am sure you are thinking “well aren’t we all going to get a break for the festive season” hmm, if only you worked where I work then you’ll understand where I am coming from lol. But anyways, I took some time to gather some images that have certain quotes in them that address the topic for today.busy-1

Over the weekend I was discussing with a special friend of mine and we both expressed how busy we were going to be this week. Hence it really got me thinking “busy doing what exactly?”

Hmm, let’s find out!.

Now, the images you are about to see will speak a lot about the significance of been busy and what and what not to get busy doing. To fully understand the message, you may need to study each image for more than a minute so you can see how it applies to you directly or indirectly.

Be blessed as all the images are specifically for you. Cheers!


Transnet Transportation project featured in GE's 2011 Annual report
Transnet Transportation project featured in GE’s 2011 Annual report