Hi, lovies!

It’s Fri-yay! It’s time to lay back, relax, recuperate from the stress of the week and surf through Sapid Sapiens blog. Phew!

Today I will be talking about the fashion piece:  the kimono. Here are some fun facts about it that I bet you didn’t know 😹😹

1. It was originated from China as an undergarment.

Imagine !!! Kimonos were “shimis” (Yoruba for “underwear) before. Haha, but it evolved and here we are today.


2. It’s a basic term for a traditional Japanese dress and it directly translates as “thing to wear”. Apparently, it refers to an outer garment of a Japanese dress; a long robe with wide sleeves.

Back then, their kimonos were light and colourful during autumn and summer;  lined or padded during fall and winter to protect from the cold. Cool right?!??!



3. It’s now a 21st-century major fashion piece. It’s like e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e. I don’t blame people because of how comfy and easy they are.

4. It’s not just a female fashion piece. Guys are can rock it too. I used to think this was a girlie thing until I saw a guy do justice to one. It was AH-MAZING!


5. It’s versatile and comes in different fabrics, dress up designs and colours.

It could be plain, patterned, floral, abstract, long, short etc. Like the list goes on.


6. It’s a perfect coverup. If you don’t feel like wearing full clothes or you’re not about that dress up” life, you can just cover up with a relay nice kimono, throw your shades on and vamose.


7. No idea on what to get for someone for Christmas? Well, now you dooo..

These pieces are super affordable and would be great for just about anybody. Stop racking your head on what to get your loved ones for Christmas. Get them kimonos.



You can contact Rhoniki (07064508182) for your female kimonos at affordable prices.

Happy holidays. Mwuahhh!

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