Hey guys! How una dey? December is coming to an end oh, let’s ensure we make it a month to remember by writing down our goals for the year 2017 and also take some time to analyze the year 2016 as well. Also, I want to say thank you to all those who viewed my last post and gave me feedbacks I really appreciate you all. Today it’s going to be really short but I am sure you will find sense it like you have always.

I might upset most of you with what I am about to say but I am very sure that by the time you are done reading this post you’ll most likely see reason with me “or not” for most of you who have inborn agidi

So I have heard people say “feed your focus and starve your distraction” and by all means I completely agree with this quote but the one and only problem I have with it is that it doesn’t really work for us who were born and bred in third world countries. Don’t get upset just yet because I will tell you the reason why.

First of all, I’ll give us the meanings of both focus and distraction, focus is a central point as of attraction, attention or activity (culled from the web) while distraction according to Wikipedia is the process of diverting the attention of an individual or group from the desired area of focus, and thereby blocking or diminishing the reception of desired information. Distraction is caused by a lack of ability to pay attention; lack of interest in the object of attraction. Now that we are done with the definitions, I will gladly make my point.

Your Focus is your center point of attraction and for many of us our focus was given to us either forcefully or subconsciously, we were not allowed to choose our focus, we have been raised In a society where we all just conform to the ways of the masses even at a tender age. Right from our childhood we were made to understand that going to school and getting good grades was the only way to achieve success in life hence when a young chap didn’t score so well at school, his parents then gets him/her a private tutor just to get him up to speed. Now, I am not saying it is wrong to do that only if our parents were more open minded to realize that after school time for a child is self-discovery time. As kids, we were always distracted one way or the other by one thing while we focused too much on that which was supposed to provide us a leverage to manifest our distractions. Each time through life, we have been afforded less and less time to build on our talents and gifts. The bible says “the gift of a man maketh way for him” not his certificate. The certificate is only required to provide the skill and leverage for one to succeed. I am sure for most of us if we just flashed back we would realize that there are certain things that we loved to do as kids and also we were able to do them with so much ease better than others. Now those things that we did were pointers as to what our real gifts were but sadly for us we were made to see them as distractions that wouldn’t allow us to score good grades in school.

In developed countries, the story is totally different! Kids aren’t pressured concerning school work, in fact they are afforded the liberty of expression of their gifts and talents. That’s why if you check any field in which some have excelled; their success story will be directly traced to what their parents did for them at very tender ages like buying them a guitar or a computer or a football or drawing sets or newspapers or whatever! They only did that because they saw that their child loved to do those things and did so with such ease and excellence hence they set them up on the right path and of course they also went to school!

I know its most likely too late for most people as it is evident even in our society where you’ll find a person discover his/her gift after about 30 years wondering and focusing on the wrong things. You’ll see people who are gifted having nothing to show for it and really it’s sad.

I promised it was going to be short and I am sure you already have gotten a hold of what I mean. In this part of the world our distraction is what we should focus on because for most us, our focus was given to us and I am also sure that when you become a parent you will help you child dwell more on his/her gifts while he also does his/her school. Trust me it’s the best you can give a child.

Go all out and prosper this week. Cheers

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