Hi people. I’m back againnn!
I want to say a big thank you to our readers 😘. Please feel free to drop your comments, views or feedback; anything you’d want us to know!
My previous posts have been about ladies, so I’m switching it up today. Yup yup! Guys this one is for you oh. Come and learn. I’m dropping a list of 5 fashion must haves for an “average” guy, at least.


1. Sexy man boots
If you take a poll, you’d find that a lot of girls (me inclusive) are totally attracted to guys who wear boots. I like to call them “Sexy man boots”. They add this kind of unbeatable swag. (I can’t believe I just typed swag 😭😭).


There are different grades of the sexy man boots and you can totally get the one that wouldn’t break your account and would still get you looking like Chris Hemsworth. Lol! okay not Chris Hemsworth (I mean, he’s a total beefcake,) but sha a hotter version of you.

Another reason why you should have this is that it’s rugged and very durable.




2. Yoruba demon attire
Ghen gehn. Guys please answer the following questions.
-Are you trying to look like a million bucks when you have little or nothing?
-Are you trying to package and upgrade yourself to a 10 even though you’re just 1.5? Lol
-Are you trying to kee dem gals?
If you answered yes to any of the questions above then you need the Yoruba demon attire.
Lemme break it down. What is the Yoruba demons attire? I’ll tell you what it’s not. It’s not just some random trad wear. It consists of a perfectly crafted kaftan (long or short sleeved) and an agbada (commonly known as 1500) 😂
You can get this in different colours but the accepted colour of the yoruba demons is white. So guys oh, no need for guns. Just get yourself a yoruba demon attire.

Yoruba demon slaying in his sexy attire

3. Straight cut / Semi-skinny jeans
These are a Def must-have because of how versatile they are. Pair it with a blazer, a polo or a trad top. No stress. I particularly like this because of the fit. Guys there’s absolutely nothing cool about wearing jeans that’s not your size or that doesn’t suit your body.



The good news is that the straight cut Jean suits almost everyone and won’t make it look like a hand-me-down.

4. A nice wrist watch
A lot of guys overlook this. Don’t play yourself. Like it or not, people look out for the “little” things about you. Help yourself to a nice wristwatch and add more class to yourself. *wink


5. A tailored blazer
*clears throat . A nice tailored blazer. Not a coat. Not a jacket 😂😂
Okay just kidding. But for real though, this piece is one that can be worn to a number of occasions: semi-formal meetings, work, dates, parties and so on.



So guys, you really don’t have to own the best designer pieces or have a million clothes before you look good. A little touch up here and there will definitely do the trick too.

Till next Friday!

Adios 😙

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