Hi, guys! It’s December!! The last month in the year 2016 and still enough for you to achieve your goals for the year. There are about 26 days left and I am here once again to make sure you win during this time. I dropped a post last week Monday addressing the title “do not get rich rather become wealthy” and I promised you guys that I would post an even richer version this week because I only scratched the surface last week. Well, I am going to fulfil that promise today. Time to hit the nail on the head.
First of all, let me emphasise on the word “become”. Hidden behind the word become is what they call a process and a process consists of a series of activities both in form of positive and negative experiences. Check this illustration out, Tunde graduated from the university and became an engineer. Tunde being an engineer is not because of the certificate he carries but rather because of the skills and experiences he has gained.

Now, if Tunde loses or misplaces his certificate today it wouldn’t make him less of an engineer. This is the best way I can explain the word becoming using a simple illustration of a process. Also with every process comes an expected increase which is growth, you grow as you forge ahead because things are going to be difficult. This is the law of life itself because whatever goes up must come down but whatever grows up stays up that’s why people like Steve jobs even after been voted out of his company was able to come back even stronger.
I could list quite a number of people like that but I am very sure you know of such people already. For people like Zuckerberg, Dangote, Winfrey etc. understands that there is a huge difference between getting millions and becoming a millionaire. It is always the process that creates the product that is why you have to be mindful of the “process” you are involved with because you need to constantly ask yourself if you are involved in a process that will make you become rich or in a process that will make you become wealthy. The famous Jim Rohn (late), a great thinker and successful businessman once said “the question you should ask yourself is not what am I getting but rather who am I becoming.


Unfortunately, we are in difficult times and things are looking harder than by the day, people are losing their jobs, salaries are been slashed and poor people are getting poorer. Hence, there arose amongst all these misfortune a highly worshipped saviour that gave birth to schemes and so-called business platforms that promote mental laziness and appeal to the poverty mentality of the masses. People are tired of thinking deeply about providing solutions and creating value but now they just want something for nothing, no effort, no value, nothing!!. It’s saddening and embarrassing at the same time.

I have come across numerous people; people so close to me including even family members who have tried to lure me into participating in such schemes and each time I have declined. Truthfully, these guys are making their money but what they don’t know is that their mindset is being corrupted very slowly more like the effect of cancerous cells and before most of them realise it would have become too late. A Ponzi scheme is a slow killer and leaves one devastated as an after effect. What these people don’t know is that they are fast unlearning what it takes to actually create true wealth or success. And for those who are deeply involved in it, they get distracted from their work, their goals and their purpose.

I have heard of cases of young people who resigned from their jobs after getting a few bucks, people who used to be very hardworking at work now have a Ponzi scheme account opened on their laptop screen together with a Facebook account side by side and at the same time receiving numerous calls from unknown persons demanding for what belongs to them hence paying little or no attention to work. Such people are beginning to see a problem as a solution hence they are dying mentally at such an incredible speed. I have heard people say “I just want to do it once” and each time they say that I just feel very sad for them. I mean why do it in the first place if you are going to do it just once. This scenario can be compared to one trying to have sex for the first time and telling yourself that it is just going to be a onetime thing lol. I have friends who have actually stopped and I must say it was more of the intervention of God than of human reasoning.

I once travelled with a friend of mine and her phone just kept on ringing all through the journey as there must have been about fifteen different callers calling to tell her that she has to pay them certain amounts of money. Her battery went flat as a result and she was left frustrated because it wasn’t even she that had the account. It was her elder sister who had opened another account using her bank. Now, this is a lady with a well-paid job and doing fine by the standards of most Nigerians. This struck me as a perfect example because with these schemes comes greed and some people are not even satisfied with not doing anything but they also want to multiply their laziness as well by opening multiple accounts.

Another thing that terrified me that day was the fact that so many people kept calling meaning so many people whom I have no idea what they do or who they have access to my contact. Now that’s very dangerous because if these schemes involve no work done then what kinds of person will want to reap where they haven’t sown? Criminals!! Definitely, criminals will be on to it and it baffles me because someone will just carry his hard earned money and give to a criminal who has his contact, how dangerous!!!! It’s against the law that guides us as Christians too because the book of proverbs says wealth gotten from vanity shall be diminished but he that gathers by labour shall increase, it also says “a faithful man shall abound with blessings: but he that makes haste to be rich shall not be innocent.

For everyone who has openly told me they are participating, I have told them to guard their mindsets because they owe it to themselves. Money was designed not as an object to be pursued but as a reward for solving a problem or creating value. The thing is I don’t even know how to conclude this post because each time I try to think about the topic or try to review the whole situation I just become crazily overwhelmed and I am usually short of words. The last and final straw for me came when a very close friend of mine called me a few days ago while I was at work and started to talk to me so passionately about how he registered the day before after seeing his younger sister receiving her money.

Hmm, I was just smiling over the phone and of course, he didn’t know that and the only thing that got my countenance to change whereas I became sad was when he mentioned and I quote “ guy I know this is against what you and I both stand for but nigga it’s real!!..Let’s just do for this December and back off” in my heart I thought, my friend is about to lose something valuable and couldn’t help but feel sad. Okay, I responded that I will send him my other WhatsApp number where he will send me the link so I could check it out but I never sent that number and I am sure he must have gotten the message. Even though I kept thinking of the possibility because, to be honest we all need money but each and every time I ended up hating the idea…following the masses will only get me to be like the masses and there is one thing I have learnt about the masses, they stay irrelevant, living mediocre lives, achieving little and never attaining fulfilment.

Each time I lose a friend to these schemes it pierces my soul, some of them say I take it too seriously while some just say okay but whichever way mehn it is your duty to guard your mind and let it not be polluted let alone infected. And also make sure that you only joke about these schemes if you are found talking about them. Lol

It is my wish that you prosper in your ways which involve genuine hard work and to win in your endeavours. Cheers!