Keep running, don’t look back, just keep running. That was all Seun could think of as he ran deeper and deeper into the forest. The forest was dark, save the rays of sunlight that pierced freely through the spaces between the leaves, striking wet and muddy ground. The moist ground was making Seun’s shoes heavier but he couldn’t stop running, else he’d be killed.
Minutes ago, he had seen a tree with a peculiar fruit, one he had never seen before. Fruit so red, so attractive and inviting, and like all humans, he was drawn to it. He wanted to have a taste, and take some home to his family and friends.
Seun had barely started climbing the tree when he saw a pair of eyes through the bushes, little ways off from the direction he came.
He heard a little howl and saw ears standing upright.
Without wasting time, he took off, running through the woods like his life depended on it, it literally did.
He tore through the forest as thin branches tore his clothes and soon started tearing his flesh leaving little trickles of blood here and there. The wind he was bourne against sent pellets of blood to the ground behind him. His pursuer didn’t relent to taste his blood, it must have wanted the whole package – him.
The savage animal that must have been used to the forest by now, continued its chase like the same branches tearing at Seun’s skin, legs and arms weren’t affecting it.
The overdose of adrenaline being secreted in his body had gotten to his head now  because Seun heard so many different barks, growls and paws hitting the wet ground.
The Alpha must have called out to his pack. He would manage somehow, he can’t die being mauled by animals. How would the family and friends he wanted to show the new fruit react?
No, he didn’t want to die in the dark where no one would even hear his screams for help.
Seun was definitely lost now, and his pursuers must have gotten tired because he couldn’t hear them anymore. He won against wolves. He ran from animals who loved to run and he won.
A bleeding Seun, stopped by a tree to rest, panting and cleaning sweat from his eyes. He was just about to breathe a sigh of relief when he saw the alpha wolf about ten steps from him.
The dimness of the forest made the animal look fiercer than ever, barking loudly with its mouth watering in excitement at finally cornering its prey- cornering him. The wolf ran and lunged, grabbing his shirt and trying to pull him away, trying to drag him back in the direction it was chasing him from, probably to take him back to his waiting pack.
Seun, praying for a saviour and thanking the heavens that its teeth didn’t get deep enough to his flesh gave the wolf a punch which he hoped would knock it unconscious but it didn’t, all it did was knock the wolf back a few paces.
He started panicking, desperately looking for something to use as a weapon, feeling the ground for a stone, a stick, or anything because he knew he wouldn’t survive another attack. It launched an attack again but this time was blocked by someone, by something.
A saviour had come, the gods finally answered his prayers. They sent a saviour with such beautiful skin. Even in the dimly lit forest, the colours of his saviour’s skin still glowed, and it was beautiful.
His saviour was also playing music, such sweet music, like beads shaking in an enclosed vessel, it was magnificent.
Seun looked through faint eyes and a very dizzy head, probably from loss of blood as he finally noticed a sizable thick branch sticking out from his left thigh. The excruciating pain that his adrenaline had been holding back finally registered on his body, like the first terrifying wave of a tsunami hitting an unsuspecting tourist at the beach.
He watched as the predator and his saviour battled on and on. His predator attacked and his saviour pushed back, Teeth and fangs baring and striking. Claws striking, a lot of weaving, ducking and dodging.
He couldn’t help but admire the way his saviour fought and dodged so beautifully, so easily like an angel dancing on the clouds that it made tears to fall from his eyes. He cleaned his eyes with his hands just in time to watch his saviour wrap his predator in his arms and break its bones.
His saviour smoothly came to him and carried him up, wrapping its arms around him, its cold arms. He wanted to thank and worship but was stopped by his saviour shaking his head from left to right- which meant, “no, you don’t have to thank me, I’m just doing my job”.
The grip became tighter and tighter, and now he could barely breathe. He tried wriggling free but he couldn’t move an inch.
The adrenaline had definitely kicked in again because his eyes were actually opened now and he, Seun, was in a snake’s grip.
The snake had lost an eye and was bleeding in several places, but didn’t want to go down without having its meal, because the cure was in the meal in its grip. All the antibiotics and regenerative cells the snake needed were there.
Still struggling to loosen the grip and break free, Seun looked down at the predator that had been chasing him and realised it was his pet dog, Samantha, lying very still on the dirty and muddy floor.
A despairing Seun’s bones were already reaching the point where cracking and breaking would be inevitable. A number of ribs already snapping to the beat of the snake’s grip and music.
His failing heart gave in to a new wave of emotions as he saw Sam struggling to stand up, struggling to keep the poison and eventually death at bay long enough to help his best friend escape. To be saved from the clutches of the predator.
He watched as Sam snarled, growled, and launched a final attack to deliver whatever blow she could to the snake. The tactic worked as the fierce, strong Sam injured the second eye and the snake released its hold on him and made a run for it, deeper into the forest like the loser it was.
Seun carried his protector, now pale and definitely on the verge of death female friend, slung her across his shoulders and momentarily forgetting about the pain emanating from his ribs, his thigh, his wounds.
Keep running, don’t look back, just keep running out of the forest. That was all Seun could think of as he had to save his pet and friend.
He had to save her