It’s that date of the year, your birthday. You feel elated and expect gifts and love from family, friends, and colleagues. You perceive all their actions as relative to you. It’s your day. 

But is it really your day?


As the most advanced and intelligent life form, it is inevitable that arrogance follows it. We believe the Earth exists for our needs and exploration. We create cities in deserts, tunnels underground and through mountains. We are even exploring other planets for our benefits. The universe it seems belongs to us.

Let’s go back to history, no pre-history, no even backwards, when Universe was formed, estimated to be 13.7 billion years ago. Let’s put this into perspective and say the universe started existing 1 week ago. The Earth is estimated to be about 4.5 billion years old. Humans have existed for about 200,000 years. Jesus was born about 2016 years ago.

So if the universe has been existing for one week [Sunday to Saturday], Earth is about 2 days 7 hours old, all of the humanity has existed for about 8.8 seconds, and Jesus existed 0.089 seconds ago.

In the grand scheme, humanity isn’t an even a speck on the broad white sheet of the universe