To love is to show your scars

And tell stories of animals that attacked

Only for them to make their own marks.

To love is to forgive and renew

Even though you feel like a fool

Then they leave and you can never say “I trust you”.

To love is to procreate

Sow seeds into a world filled with hate

Hopeful that they grow like fruits and be great.

To love is to make sacrifices

And expect the other to drop their vices,

But they don’t and your union is filled with crises.

To love is to have patience

And dream that one day they can reciprocate feelings

Only for them to find the prince of their dreams.

To love is to be very lavishing

Spurred on by looks so ravishing

Years later you feel like you needed lashing.

To love is to be happy,

And sad, because life is simultaneously

Everything good, bad, and ugly.

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