Hey there! Guess what? It’s a new week and I am here again as usual to talk my talk and to say my own lol. Some people usually say my own is too much and that I take things too serious but well, I have got a job to do on here which is to motivate you and I. Now let’s get to business.

Sorry this write-up is going to be a bit short as I just got off a 2 hour 30 minute phone call with an old friend and I realized it was already past midnight but I will shoot directly today without wasting any more time like have done for the past 1 minute.

There is a new wave in town, a dangerous wind blowing over humanity and mostly Nigerians which now makes youths like you and I want to get rich quick and at all costs. Now I am not going to mention names but I know you know what I am talking about already. I have been meaning to write about this but today I will just brush through it and a much richer article will surface next week Monday

There are businesses out there that baffle me and cause deep concern and hurt deep down in my heart. Now before I even go any further, let me ask you one question; why do you do business? Why do you want to be an entrepreneur?

Personally, I want to be an entrepreneur purely for the purpose of freedom that I can enjoy, spending quality time with my family, helping people around me and inspiring the world! In other to achieve all these through a business platform, I must grow personally that is I must be involved in a venture that will always allow me to grow and develop personally. This can only be possible if I am involved in a business that enables me to add value to other people’s lives either directly or indirectly. If you are in a business that does not involve you offering value then you are not only not developing but regressing as well. We all know by now that experiencing financial freedom comes through hard work and personal development hmmmm, don’t let me make assumptions because the fact is some people don’t know.

But what is surprising is the fact that, most youths and young graduates don’t want to work hard. They just want to get paid every month for doing nothing and hence, there is a lot of these schemes that are playing on their stupidity and ignorance

One thing I know for sure is that if you are fresh out of school or out of a job or just concluding your NYSC and you get into a business that does not require you doing any work or adding value or providing products or services or does not involve your money doing any work for you, then you are most definitely on the wrong path because you gradually change your mindset towards hard work, money and success. You are fast unlearning the requirements that you need to succeed!!

There is a huge difference between BECOMING WEALTHY AND GETTING RICH. Becoming wealthy is a process because series of hard work and personal development must have been involved and even so when you lose all your money you can still recover them simply because of what you have BECOME. But when you get rich, you have no idea of how to get it back once it is gone hence, leaving you in a poorer state than you once were before you became rich.

I know this write up is a rant as much as it is a motivation but please do bear with me. Trust me it will serve you some good

There are a lot of schemes out there and also there are a lot of business opportunities and whichever one you decide to go with make sure it is one that will help you to develop and BECOME WEALTHY! And not GET RICH. Remember whatever you are involved with right now is what you will preach to those who you love and trust me you don’t want to create a bad reputation even to your children.

Please all I am saying is BECOME WEALTHY AND DO NOT GET RICH

That will be all for now and also I will shed more light on this next week I promise. lol! It was a long post after all…cheers!