She’s a star you see

Glittery splendour that lights up my universe

Her eyes you see,

Piercing beams that see through me

Ultraviolet gaze that breaks through my ozone walls

The expressions of her love travel many miles

To give warmth to my cold dark world

A reminder that she hasn’t forgotten me


A token to keep this long-distance relationship alive.

I wished for more

I prayed we were closer

But you see,

At her core is an ever-blazing inferno

This girl is on fire!

A truth I’d soon come to know

You see…

Any closer and I would be consumed

By all her love

Enveloped by a full embrace in her bosom

Would be the end of me… Literally

She’s the Sun, you see

And I’m her earth

It’s for my good, you see

This long-distance relationship

It’s just right for us

She loves me… I see now

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