Hi lovers!

It’s Fri-yay. You know what that means: #FashionFridays. Today we are going all the way back to the 90s. All my 90s kids say ‘uhun’ 😂

Fashion is a huge roller coaster that’s just keeps on spinning. People say there’s really never anything “new” per se in fashion, and I totally agree. Any new trend you see around now, is one that has already been rocked at some point in the past.

So here are some pieces that have made a comeback this couple of years

  1. The Jean dungaree

This was a major 90s outfit. Like it was worn on every 90s show I ever saw; the fresh prince of bel-air, Family matters, Bill Cosby show, etc.images-44

Fast-forward a few years, this baby came back revamped and hotter. They are available in lots of boutiques around. A bit pricey, but definitely worth it ;). Thank me later

  1. Midi skirts

Midi skirts! Midi skirts! Midi skirts!images-43

I love how timeless this piece it. It just surfaced and became a major fashion piece, but this baby dates back to the 70s / 80s. Don’t you just love fashion?

  1. Choker necklaces

I talked about this in Fashion For The Recession. This is a ‘new’ fashion trend that didn’t just start up. images-42

It’s been around for a long time but as usual, just recently re-surfaced. They are pretty, affordable, and stylish. Plus, you can totally make yours.

  1. Box braids

Box braids was a major African-American hairstyle, which is now almost every girls favourite because it’s so trendy and easy. I particularly love it because of how you can play with it. It could be short, long, a bob, or how ever way you want.

It’s pocket friendly and some people have even gone ahead to install them by themselves. How wonderful!

Believe me when I say, ‘True fashion never goes out of style’. All it takes is for one person to rock and slay in a 90s or 80s outfit, and watch others jump on it till it becomes a trend.

“Fashion is confidence. If you can get away with wearing it, it’s a new style” – John Waters

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