While watching Luke Cage (an awesome series by the way. Marvel outdid themselves again), in the episode where the police officers approached Chico while he was in the hospital to come out and testify against a crime lord. Naturally, he declined, I mean nobody wants to die. But what really struck me was why he did. That entity we just can’t help but feel. Fear.

I paused the movie and entered into my mind to see what I would have done in his situation. Would I have testified, or not? Now the answer to my thoughts doesn’t really matter here. What does, however, is how much fear governs our lives. How a lot of our actions are governed by fear.

Considering the fact that we create our own fear most times. Thinking of the worst in the powerhouse of our very being – our mind. We believe we are being watched, hunted, etc. when no one even gives ‘two kobos’ about you. The fear of failure, hunger, and hell, (to mention a few), drives us to succeed, eat to avoid ulcer (trust me, you don’t want to have an ulcer. It sucks), and escape eternal torment respectively.

For the last example, I’m pretty sure Christians sometimes remember the torments of hell, and this drives them to live good and pure lives, and doing right by God. I’m guilty of this sometimes. I mean, the sun that’s millions of kilometres away is hot enough. Right?

The real issue here is how the world we have created – or let me say, invented – is the world that drives the purest of humans to live in fear. We look at things like firearms, its use and the laws of possessing one. Countries creating nuclear arsenals that can wipe out millions of humans on this planet in an instant because of the fear of a ‘threat’ I don’t understand. While parents send their kids to school, hoping they come back home safe and sound. People hoping the next phone call they get wouldn’t be about their family members being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

We even go as far as instilling that fear in others, knowingly or unknowingly. “Don’t do/eat/drink/touch/allow/talk to ______ because you will _______” (feel free to fill in the blanks as you wish. I’m sure we have enough scare tactics from the vault our parent’s bits of advice alone to write a book). Things like the fear of shooting, robbery, rape, assault, etc., makes us live like animals in the zoo. We put barricades on our windows. We don’t live as freely as we want to. At some point, we believe our best defence against our fears is to hurt others that haven’t even done us wrong. “Hurt them before they get a chance to hurt you”.

You may be thinking, all our fears should be directed to God above, he is the only one we should fear. Yes, I agree. But then, how do we live without fear in this world that humans have turned upside down… And with our own hands? I mean, just think about all the things that have happened in this world, and aliens haven’t invaded us yet (if they really exist). All the bad things that have happened in this world has all been done by human hands and minds. It leaves a bitter taste in my mouth just thinking about it.

How do we live without fear in a world that drives us to be afraid? Maybe it’s an intricate part of our mortality since it’s working as means to survive till we get to our end? Can we say Fear is a necessary evil?

Alfred – “Why bats, Master Wayne?”

Bruce – “Bats frightened me. It’s time my enemies (criminals) shared my dread”