Hello guys, I am sure you have imagined stuff about your future and you are constantly thinking about it, short term or long term i am sure it must be inspiring your hard work at the moment and also you must feel like your success is drawing closer! Yes! Those who read my last post will understand what I mean by all that and so if you haven’t you can check it out after you read today’s post.

I write on this blog every Mondays with the aim to spur you on, to motivate you but I won’t be able to do these if I am not inspiring! It’s the simple truth! Though I may not be where I want to be yet but what I constantly ask myself is that am I inspiring others in the process? I think you should ask yourself that question too! For some people success is about me, me and me and not about them! Some just want to compete with everyone and think of themselves as more successful than others most especially their peers and friends.

Some people don’t even consider others on the road to fulfilling their dreams and at the end of the day they end up unhappy and lonely because they are surrounded by people who are extremely jealous of what they have accomplished! Don’t get me wrong though, even people who inspire others often get to be an object of jealousy but it’s very rare compared to those who refuse to inspire others. The essence of humanity in the first place is to lift one another up, not to be selfish with what you have because you don’t deserve it more than the other person, it was simply given to you because you are enough to shoulder the responsibility of sharing it with as many as possible. Inspiring people is a must, as long as you have things going on well for you better than someone else.

Now let me ease you through how you can be an inspiration to others.


  1. The first and the most important thing is to excel at what you do, let people see the brilliance and excellence about you and your work! It’s the most important of all because by so doing you inspire people you don’t even know. For example, let’s say Wizkid, he has inspired a lot of upcoming artist and it’s simply because of him being excelling, he hasn’t reached his maximum potential yet but he keeps inspiring other young artists. Other examples are Cristiano Ronaldo, Leonardo Dicaprio, Michael Jackson (late), Steve Jobs (late), Mark Zuckerberg, Donald Trump, Nelson Mandela (late) etc. they are all inspirational figures and it was simply because of their excellence.
  2. Focus on the strength of others, help them see themselves bigger than they have ever imagined. Once you are able to achieve that and the person goes on to become a success as a result, then you would have been very inspirational to that person
  3. Smile and listen more to people than you talk to them because that way you will be able to understand them better and hence give better advice, words of encouragement or compliments.
  4. Serve as many people as possible. By devoting your life to the service of others you become a great person even in your immediate environment and guess what? Great people are inspirational figures. Example Nelson Mandela.nelson-mandela-boxing-cover11
  5. Always try to be part of the solution and not the problem, you must always be solution oriented and positive at all times. Hence, you will inspire great results.

There is still a long list of how you can be inspirational but I will leave you guys with these few. Practice them daily and watch yourself grow into a great inspirational figure!!!

It is my wish that you prosper in all your ways this week and to win in everything that you do! CHEERS

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