Hola! Today is #FashionFriday!! Whoop whoop.

Soooooo we all know what’s happening in the country. “Change”

Things have become ridiculously expensive- ah mean small indomie pack that used to be 30/35 naira goes for like 60 naira now 😭. Such life!

In times like this, people tend to just focus on what they absolutely need and let go of almost all forms of luxury. Like fancy clothes.

For we fashion lovers, I’m here to give you the good news that you can transform any outfit from ney to yay at the barest minimum cost. Can I get an Amen?!!

Leggo *drumroll*

The Ankara Head Wrap.

For some reason, this has become a thing. Not just anything. It’s now a major fashion thing. Is your outfit boring? Tired of just wearing Jeans and tops alone? TRY THE ANKARA HEAD WRAP. The cool thing is you can use any that compliments your outfit.img-20161118-wa0008

Don’t say you don’t have any. “Axe” your African mommy

Ripped Jeans

As far as you don’t look like a crazy person, I feel this is an awesome piece. The amazing thing is you don’t have to go and buy. You can make yours in the comfort of your house.

Do have jeans you’re tired off? Transform it to this raggedy new school trend.  All you need are your jeans, scissors and an iron surfaced foot scrub.img-20161118-wa0009

  • Wear your jeans and determine where you want your rip(s) to be. Mark the points
  • Take it off and cut it with your scissors
  • Use the foot scrub to scratch the life out of the region 😂😂

Ankara choker

Some people are of the school of thought that this is a part of the “hoe” starter pack 😂. Idk Idk. I’m all for “don’t blame the accessory, blame the person”


Let’s leave all the nay voters. This is really cute, adorable and ridiculously easy to make.

  • From an Ankara scarf, cut out a 20” by 2” strip
  • Fold the rough edges in and iron

And you have your choker. You can pimp it up by bedazzling it.

Fabric wrapped bags, shoes and slippers

If you have any old or not so good looking bags shoes and slippers, no worries. You can cover it up with any beautiful fabric of your choice and give it a new look.

All you need are the fabric, scissors and fabric glue.img-20161118-wa0011

Just follow the lines of the piece and wrap them appropriately.

(Maybe I’ll do a DIY picture tutorial next week. Hmm!)

These are just a few handy things. In times like this, we have to be creative. You don’t have to go to the most expensive stores to get “good things”

There are so many other good stores in our local markets. Take your time to search for nice pieces.

Also take advantage of store sales and trade fairs. Black Friday sales are on sef. Make it count!!!

With fab love,

Rrrrr 😚😚