Take some minutes to think about your girl. She is a blessing to you in many ways and can even be more if you take the time and patience to know her and fall in love with everything that has to do with her. This is more than calling her every day, buying gifts or taking her out to expensive places. This about establishing a deep connection with her and getting addicted to her. It is about the little things and I will take you through some of them.

The first little thing is to compliment her. Most men are good at this and compliment her dressing and how beautiful her makeup is or her smile. However, you can take this further and compliment things that are not so obvious or things she probably did not know could be complimented. I once told a girl I liked how she held her gaze and she smiled so hard her cheeks almost burst. I told another I liked how she was passionate about her religious belief and I got the same results. Complimenting the not so obvious and her abilities will make her feel closer to you. In her mind you take your time to know and appreciate her. Tell her you like a particular thing that she does. something unique about her and watch her fall into your arms.

The second little thing is to fall in love with her mind. Now this is not about her personality, even though it is somehow related. Girls are designed to make connections with everything they see or are involved in. It is why when you ask her about her day,  She might start from an incident that happened last week or months ago because in her head it’s connected. Most men lack patience for this but if you can take your time to listen and just fall in love with the poetry of her mind, you will be a step closer to understanding her better. You would find her fascinating and probably won’t get over her easily. A girl’s mind is never a boring place, It is filled with lots of fantasies and information than one can imagine. It is one of the most exotic places you can find yourself and If you rush into it (listen without patience and understanding), you’ll get lost in the maze of her mind. But just take a deep breath and let her words guide you through it. Her expressions can also become your tour guide, taking you round this beautiful experience. She’ll feel more connected to you. Do this and your conversations will be better. Just by listening to understand and not to reply, taking time to connect the dots like a puzzle, you’ll find that you can show the right empathy and give the best words.

The third little thing is to appreciate her body. Men have parts of the female body that they prefer and often times pay less attention to other areas during foreplay or sex. A girl’s body is beautiful! it has so many pleasure spots than you can imagine even spots within spots and each has a different feeling, a different sensation, it’s fascinating! take your time to explore her body, observing her response to your touch. Forget about yourself and your desires and just focus on her and eliminate every insecurity that she may have about her body. It will be a fun experience for you and you would feel like you understand her better. She’ll become addicted to you and want to please you in every way.

The fourth little thing is to pray with her. Now this is often overlooked but I believe is also as effective. Praying with her about yourselves opens a door to a spiritual connection. This is why it’s always advised to be with someone of the same faith. When you pray together perhaps by taking turns and opening up about your deep struggles, things you’ll normally keep to yourself, you’ll feel yourself connecting. It will feel like you’ve found someone who really knows you, it provides an absence of judgment, It builds trust and openness. Trust me its beautiful!

Now there are other little things, but for now you can practice these and make it a part of you. Become an “Alpha male” and let your girl see you as more than a blessing to her. The journey to understanding women is still on, but with these little things, we might just be a step closer.

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