Hello there!! And yes it’s the beginning of the week and hence here I am again to set you on the winning path. Well, this week I promise to be more fluid with my writing as I people have been speaking behind my back concerning my straight forward method, lol some are even branding me the ‘professional’ and even though I kind of see it as a compliment still I believe it doesn’t exactly represent who I am in person. Those of you who know me closely know what I am talking about as I seem almost everything but professional. So today I will be writing with the swagger of my not so professional side at least i will try. It’s Ikezy

One of the things I love about being human is our ability to imagine stuff and for some people like me I see it as a super power, you know the flash has super speed, batman has super arrogance, spider man has sticky stuff, the Hulk has a super girlfriend lol and if only i was green lantern with Donald trump’s brain (lol again). The power of imagination and the continuous thought of things imagined make it such an incredible super power for human beings like you and I. Now take a look at all these guys with super powers, they were created by some dude who just imagined how cool it’d be if they were to exist. That’s why it is very important to guide what you constantly think about because it’s always born out of what you have previously imagined.

Hmmm, it’s about to get bumpy and serious so fasten your seat belts.


Has anybody ever asked you, where do you see yourself in 2, 5, 10, 15 years? Funny enough for most people the question catches them off guard especially those of us who continue to deceive ourselves that we have our future figured out! Hahahahaha I laugh! You know why? I have been a victim so many times! I remember some time ago I watched a frank donga comedy skit where he was being interviewed by some company and he was asked “where do you see yourself in the next five years?” and he responded “MD, I see myself as the MD”. Oh my! I laughed like crazy and cried because I thought it was funny and of course it’s still funny but now I see it differently! The truth is, no one can stop a man who has imagined himself as an MD and is constantly thinking about it. He becomes a force so unstoppable it takes only the will of the most high to take it from him! Now back to the question “where do you see yourself in ….” this is a question we all need to be constantly asking ourselves as it will provoke us to imagine. Not to imagine with our present circumstance or resources but to imagine based on our deepest desire. Now if we have done that we will never be caught off guard by such questions as your response will flow out with confidence. Sadly, for most people their imaginations are so overwhelming they become scared because they feel it’s not possible. This brings us to imagination’s twin brother.


Once you have imagined where you would like to be or what you want to be doing no matter how ridiculous it might sound even to you, you are left with a choice to either believe it or not! Here lies the secret! The moment you doubt anything you imagine even by a fraction then what you have imagined ceases to exist! Yes! You are probably thinking “well it didn’t exist anyway” you are wrong! What I have learnt even from my life is that once your mind is totally made up to achieving a certain goal then the whole world shifts and begins to obey your imaginations. Take a break and think of when you were a child and you knew nothing like ‘reality’ hence, you dreamt and imagined without limits, there was no reality to nurture doubt and some of us dreamt of being pilots, bankers,  becoming the president of the country, some of us dreamt of just having lots of money no matter what! All these were actually beginning to take shape until we began to allow doubts because of what people term as “reality” lol. Now look at where you are today, some of us don’t even know where we’ll be by the end of the year! And that’s simply because we have lost the ability to believe in our imaginations! Believe comes after imagination however big or small those imaginations are. For instance, In the bible the people believed if they built the tower of babel they would meet with the heavens and there was no stopping them so they built and built but God came down and said “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them. We all know what happened after then! My Muslim folks I apologize to you but most importantly get the message. Once you believe and give no room for doubt then there is no stopping you! Let’s conclude with our thoughts


Your thoughts inspires your work ethic

Guys, what do you constantly think about? Are you thinking about the challenges you might face? Are you thinking about those disappointments? Are you thinking about those people who criticize or made jest of you? Are your thoughts filled with your fears? Are your thoughts always on the negative? Are you thinking what if I fail? Are you thinking what if I was wrong? Well the only advice I have for you is to continue to think about your imaginations!! Every day! By so doing you leave no room for any negative thoughts!! For example, a client says what I have offered him or her is terrible but I am busy thinking of the range rover I am driving by the end of the year, I mean that’s all I see regardless and it’s so easy because I think about it all the time so its inspires my work and the efforts I put into satisfying the client next time out and of course I get paid for my excellent work! And I buy my range rover shikena!.

There is a lot more I’d love to say but I feel like the post is getting too long already and I am a very considerate somebody and more so today is Monday! A day to be productive and to take charge of the week rather than waste some extra minutes trying to make some sense out of my too long a post! But I will leave you with these!

Imagination gives room for constant thoughts; your constant thoughts inspire your hard work, and your hard work delivers your success – ikeoluwa kolawole

So guys make use of your super power and trust me when I say look for a quiet room, close your eyes and imagine your future and whatever you see is what you deserve to be!! Believe it!! Then make it happen!!!

It is my wish that you prosper in all your ways this week and to win in everything that you do! CHEERS

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