It’s sad watching myself change

My heart which was once warm and welcoming

Has become cold and displeasing

I feel pain as my heart fails to pump desires due to scars and cuts it has acquired

Even plasters meant to hold slip off when my heart pumps faster when tempted by a desire

I cry tears that freeze before they roll out

Shattering as they hit the ground

As my being gets colder

And unbearable for people to touch

And so I return to my cave where I once was

My bed waiting to welcome me

Silence mocking me

Echoes mimicking me

With ropes and chains taunting me

As I decide which one to use to end the misery

But then I meet a surgeon

Who had mercy

She welcomed me with open arms

Gave prescriptions

And checked In daily

I prepare for my surgery happily

As I walk through nervously

Foreseeing the healing beyond

And when I lay on the bed to rest

I die in love

I wake up after the surgery

Feeling more pain than ever

And then I realize

Surgeons make deeper cuts

And leave the biggest scars

So I walk around daily

With doses of Anastasia to numb the pain

Putting plasters on bleeding scars

Feeling nothing

Losing hope

Having nothing to hold on to

But a heart with bleeding scars


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