Sola rushed out of the shop, feeling glad and happy, sweetly tapping the budge on his left pocket and humming. The reason for his happiness – the same reason that made him storm out of the house, the same reason he had to beg the shop-owner, a very strange and weird woman who was just about closing as he pulled up in front of her shop to let him in because it was urgent, because he had to get it. He had spent over 40 minutes in the shop trying to pick out the perfect one – him being a perfectionist – because he had finally found perfection in his life, or rather, he had just realized how perfect his life was.

He hopped into his car, drove down the street, looking at the intersection at the horizon, playing Jon belion’s “carry your throne” and singing wonderfully along. He wondered for a minute who had the better voice, himself or Jon. His singing was “interrupted” by his phone ringing, he looked at the phone and saw it was her. He rejected the call just as he got to the intersection, and pulled to a stop because of the big and bright red light hanging above his head.

The light changed to yellow just as his playlist gave him another beautiful track to “rap to” this time. Some Kendrick Lamar was blasting in his car and the light turned green. He stepped on it, the pedal that was going to accelerate him to the love of his life. He had barely gotten to the middle of the intersection when he blacked out, when he felt a sharp jolt of pain tear through his arm and some parts of his body that he couldn’t register before blacking out……

“How dare you Sola Badmus? How dare you reject my call?”… “How dare?”… “This fight, this quarrel was all your fault, how dare you storm out while I am still talking to you? How dare you reject my call? Damn you Sola, you would never hear the end of this” She kept saying as she paced the room, annoyed, frustrated and panting with tears streaming down her cheeks.

“Now I’m calling to make peace for something you did, calling to tell you to please come back home and you are rejecting my call?” She was so angry and lost in thought that she didn’t hear the phone ring the first time, she just felt a jolt of electricity tear through her body from her chest region and she got back to reality. “What was that feeling just now? What was that?” and then it hit her again like defibrillators being used on her. “Is everything okay? Why?” She was the type to ask a lot of questions from small things, a trait she had gotten from her father. Now she heard the phone ring again and seeing a number she couldn’t recognize, she wasn’t so eager to pick it up because of her current angry state of mind.

After the first three sentences from the other end of the line which included the question “are you Miss Ugochi Okafor?” She heard nothing but white noise, as her world came crashing down, as every single trace of anger on her face changed to traces of confusion, worry, regret, pain and sadness. She grabbed her purse, her car keys, and ran out of the house without even putting on slippers, jumped into her car and headed for the hospital, where her lover, the man of her dreams who had just been involved in an accident was undergoing emergency surgery in an attempt to save his life…

As she paced, hoped, prayed and waited for the doctor to come out with any information to let her know what is going on, how the surgery was progressing, just anything to let her know, Two policemen walked up to her explaining what had happened. How a drunk truck driver decided to run a red light and had crashed into her lover’s car, had tried terminating her future – she was hoping that was the case, the drunk driver only tried.

Then one of the policemen said “paramedics found flowers in the passenger seat of his car, and also this in his left pocket. The policeman brought out a little black box and gave her, she opened it and broke down crying, she couldn’t help herself as she kept staring through hazy and misty eyes, through eyes fully welled with tears, staring at the beautiful diamond ring sitting comfortably on a purple pillow.