Welcome to the long-awaited SapidSapiens blog. Yes, I know you’re like “say what”. But it’s actually a super cool name so hold it. lol!

My name is Ronke, and I love love Fashion. So I will be handling the fashion category of this amazing blog. I’m fun, dynamic and incredibly silly. What a combo huh?! So please don’t ever forget to check out fashion posts every Friday (#FashionFridays). I solemnly promise not to bore you. I cross my heart, legs, and everything crossable.

For today, I have decided to write about something that affects everybody; guys, girls, “fashion experts”, and the “not-so-fashion-experts”.

The rains have stopped, the air is dry and cold, and the sun is harsh. I bet you go all ‘ahh! Make it stop. What’s all this?”

Honey, its harmattan and you are welcome to Nigeria!

Apparently, some people love this season (I may never understand why). But images-11here are ‘5 wardrobe must haves’ if you want to survive.

  1. Long Sleeves

Be it jackets, cardigans, sweaters, shirts, tops, or kimonos (if you are immune to the cold). The major aim is to prevent your skin from coming in direct contact with the cold and dry air. The more covered you are, the better. So sorry eh, this isn’t the season for your “farm tool” clothes.

  1. Midi Skirts 

I can bet you went all “Why midi skirts? Shouldn’t we be draped because we are covering ourselves?”

Well, midi skirts are chic, classy, and will protect your knees from turning white to due to the dryness. An outfit that includes a midi skirt is a good way to kick back the harsh weather. So you’re welcome 😛

  1. Headwear

By headwear, I mean clothing you can appropriately wear on your head like hats, head warmers, beanies and so on. These aren’t very popular here but if you’re one to feel the cold in your head area (yes there are people like this), be sure to spice up your look with a cute headwear!

  1. Scarves/ mufflers

Mufflers are a bit outdated, but I’m one of those that thinks ‘nothing is ever totally outdated in the “fashion sense”‘. You can take anything and make it into something. They are thicker than the normal scarves so you can use them if you live in extreme harmattan wind areas (up north).images-7

Scarves are timeless and could transform an outfit just like that! It’s really cool because there are a vast number of designs and they are so affordable. So add some warmth to your day (especially the single folks). Use a scarf or muffler.

  1. Pants/Pantyhose

Thesimages-10e are seemingly light but trust me, they achieve a lot. Especially If you have naturally dry skin. They are light, affordable and protect your legs a great deal.


I hope with these few points of mine, I’ve been able to convince you. After all, we don’t want to see no ‘White Walkers’ here in Nigeria. Buhaha!.

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget our date next week Friday 😉 😉


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