Last night I had a dream! In my dream, I was a sniper for the army and was ontop of a building . All was peaceful and quiet. There was no enemy in sight, but I kept looking through the scope on my rifle. Adjusting it, checking different areas far, far away and all was peaceful.

Then something distorted my vision (I can’t remember what) and suddenly there was chaos. Everyone was shooting, fighting the “enemy”!

Let me not bore you with further details. But what I thought of in that moment was ‘why am I here? Who and what am I fighting for?’ for the future of my country, and the world? For peace?

Doesn’t that look too far-fetched now? I mean just yesterday, a racist, fascist, and misogynist, was voted in as the president of America. Doesn’t that show what really is in the heart of man? I mean, they voted for someone they believed in, someone who represented their ideals and what they had been thinking of all this while couldn’t say. And then the other candidate also had her own faults (which is more in tune with my dream, amongst others).

Now, let’s look at our own country, Nigeria. In a couple of years, we will have to elect again. And once again we will have no choice but to seriously search within ourselves and vote for our personal perception of ‘the lesser of two evils’.

Doesn’t this say a lot about humanity as a whole? The people who now contest for positions of power are ones with very destructive mind-sets, who really have nothing to offer our country and the world as a whole. People, who if you look through the scope of a rifle with the eye of the universe, they are more like blights and stains on the white cloth that is the earth (their actions, beliefs, plans and thoughts portray so).

Now, I am no saint. I have my own faults. We all do. And that is another problem, we are not meant to judge others, and sadly, we weigh other people’s actions based on just how good/bad-natured we are. We have stopped trying to attain perfection because we believe it can’t be achieved, and thus we lower the expectations of humanity in general.

Isn’t Democracy just too fake a scheme? Making the people think they actually have the power, while the ‘overlords’ who actually have the power put the candidates they want forward, and then the people will only have themselves to blame if the candidate they voted for doesn’t deliver. LOL!

Now, what am I fighting for? … Peace on an earth so divided and corrupt!

Who am I fighting for? … Racists, tribalists, misogynists, ‘whatever bad word’-ists, and people who generally don’t care if you live or die, and even if they do care initially, they forget all about you after a while!

Why am I fighting? … Because I believe in a greater future!

oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you that I was playing Call Of Duty in my dream. Should have led with that!