Hey guys! Welcome to sapid sapiens, the blog. This is probably not your first time on this blog but it’s your first time on my side of the blog, so welcome!

I’ll just jump right in without further ado. Today’s topic is one that has bothered me for years cause so many people are victims of it. Let’s talk about food fads people!!

Tell your friends and loved ones to stop what they are doing and get in here!! Okay I’ll stop yelling now. Lol.

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself “what’s the best way to lose weight?” This a question I need a lot of people to ask themselves and their nutritionist/dietitian(the latter is more important). The media is flooded with false information on the best ways to lose weight. Almost every article swears by it’s sure-fire methods of weight loss or other diet practices that are supposed to benefit the body one way or the other. Food fads are simply myths about diet that is supposed to aid weight loss or help the body achieve a form of healthy dietary status. They are usually, of course, without scientific backing and therefore are only rationalized using some form of funny “logical” reasoning.

Someone once told me “we don’t have fats stored in our body, what makes people fat is poop stored throughout the body”. If that isn’t gross, then I don’t know what is. He even had an article to prove the “correctness” of his claims. LOL. At this point, let me quickly run through a couple of very common food fads.

  1. Skipping breakfast helps you lose weight; this is one of the most common ones which is why I’m addressing it first. Skipping breakfast actually lowers your metabolism so when you finally do eat, your food is immediately stored as fat. Apart from that, it makes you eat more eventually because you are too famished by the time you eat to keep track of your calorie intake.
  2. I don’t need to exercise, I can just down a cup of weight loss and wear a waist trainer; L.O.L (I know I laugh a lot, forgive me). You CANNOT lose weight is a HEALTHY way without exercise. I can’t stress this enough people!!! You need to have an exercise routine along with your diet (recommended by a nutritionist).
  3. To lose weight, I must starve; No you must not darling. Starving slows down your metabolism so in actual fact, the more you starve, the less you need to eat. When you starve, you should actually eat less food because when you eat normally, your body stores the “excess” food as fat. This is as a result of your slowed down metabolism.
  4. Fats make you fat; the quickest response to the question “how do I lose weight?” usually is “avoid fats”. Don’t do this to yourself 😭😭😭. Fat is a two-edged sword. The absence of healthy fats such as omega-3 fatty acids in your diet makes you fatter. Healthy fats slow down fat storage by inhibiting the production of the enzymes which promote fat production. Regulated amounts of healthy fats increase the generation of internal body heat which accelerates calorie burning. Unhealthy fats, however, makes you fatter.
  5. Liposuction helps you lose weight for life; Oh no it doesn’t. After you suck the fat out through liposuction, the fat comes back within a year and settles in your upper abs. Now, that brings you all the way back to square one. Let me know about all other food fads you have heard or read about. I will be more than glad to squash them for you. In my next post, I’ll talking about healthy ways to lose weight.

In the meantime, there’s no gain without pain. The fat was not accumulated in a day anyway. Bisous, Sapid Eniola. 😁