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SapidSapiens aims to be your new daily companion. To help guide you on the path to achieving a healthy body and mind, make you confident, and believe in the greatest version of yourself.

Monday – Kick-start your work days with a motivational post, or a profile from a worthy role model to spur you on to achieving success and to be greater than you ever thought possible.

Tuesday – Relationships, love, and sex.


Wednesday – Nutrition and Lifestyle. Healthy living is key. You can’t achieve anything if you are not healthy. The right eating habits, nutrition, and lifestyle are necessary to help you be the very best that we want to be. Wednesday posts shall reflect this.


Thursday – Philosophy, Worldviews and Thoughts. You are probably like… What?! But, the need to challenge and open your mind to various possibilities and worldviews, the need to start thinking on an intellectual level, not only brings out the genius in you but helps to exercise the mind and brain cells. Views from Sections like Religious, Political, the universe as a whole, etc.


Friday – Beauty and Fashion. Appearance is a key factor. After all, we all know the saying, “Dress the way you want to be addressed”. Get useful tips from beauty and fashion designers every Friday. It’s all to make a statement with your every appearance.


Saturday – A day for the arts – stories and poems. Where you may drown in tears, or die from laughter. One thing for sure is – you will be inspired.

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