What i am about to do here is to put you in the right mood to take on your week, to conquer and to win. Hence i am going to be pretty straight forward with my posts.

So i came across a picture on social media with a caption, a quote in fact from one of our modern age billionaires. Now, i can’t remember exactly who dropped it neither can i remember the exact words but a few key words caught my attention and so i can perfectly rephrase.

It kinda went like this “Don’t bother about what might be or not, instead just continually focus your energy towards doing that thing that you are so passionate about and surprisingly things will begin to fall in place as long as you are committed to getting better at all times”.

Now, what is it that you are so passionate about? what is your major distraction? that thing that you cannot go a day without thinking about however clumsy. Or are you worried sick of how things will turn out? or is it that you are under so much pressure to succeed because people don’t believe in what you are capable of doing. the key words from that quote should spur you on! CONTINUE, FOCUS, PASSION,COMMITMENT, BETTER!

I mean there are probably a thousand and one persons who became successful despite a billion and one persons doing exactly what they do but they were able to stand out because of those KEYWORDS.

So, i charge you this week to dare to continually focus your energy on your passion with a 100% commitment to becoming even better and you just might be the next Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates. Yes! it has to be either of those two who gave that inspiring quote!. It is my wish that you prosper in all your ways this week and to win in everything that you do! CHEERS!

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