Health Benefits of Honey

Doing it natural

Honey has been around since ancient time. It is widely used as natural remedy for certain skin and health issues and also as sugar substitute in meals. It has a sweet taste and is a lot healthier than sugar.

When purchasing honey, it is better to go for raw honey because it contains more nutrients and antioxidants than processed or refined honey. Honey shouldn’t be given to children under 1 year because of risk of botulism.

  • Anticancer: Honey contains antioxidants which help combat carcinogenic cells.
  • Antibacterial and Antifungal:Some research studies have proved honey to be effective in treating infectious diseases because of the defensin 1 protein it contains, this also enable honey combat antibiotic resistant infections

  • Regulatebloodsugarlevel: Though honey is sweet and contain natural sugar, it is safer in regulating blood sugar level than sugar, it doesn’t cause an insulin spike but should be…

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Loneliness a Major Health Risk

Social Health

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When it comes to living a long and healthy life, we often turn to diet and exercise to increase our longevity. Neglecting the quality of our social relations, we look for magic-pill solutions to postpone our physical decline.

Although physical health has received a great deal of attention recently, spawning a massive industry around diet and exercise, it turns out we might be better off focusing on our social health. Recent research looked at the impact of loneliness as a risk factor for mortality and found:

Current evidence indicates that heightened risk for mortality from a lack of social relationships is greater than that from obesity.

The researchers also found loneliness is comparable to other health indicators, including substance abuse, responsible sexual behavior, mental health, injury and violence, environmental quality, immunization, and access to health care.

Although studies are now mounting regarding the risk of social isolation…

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Torment II

It seems the period of success and peace is a fertile soil for the germination of seeds of loneliness It's the calm that brings the storm And slowly I yearn for that elusive company for the rainy nights I indulge in temporary watering of my seeds but it's not a long term or an ideal … Continue reading Torment II

Anxiety in Relationships

Discovering Your Happiness

Anxiety tells you that something is inherently wrong with you daily.

How can you expect anyone else to understand you if I don’t even understand yourself? Society throws around the term “anxiety” as if it’s something we all share and must all learn how to overcome. What most people are generally dealing with is stress, not anxiety. Stress creeps into your life as a result of looming deadlines, problems that need addressed, and the constant state of busyness we all live in today. Stress usually ends once those stressors are addressed and handled. Anxiety is a constant state of worry that convinces you everything is going wrong. It overthinks, over questions, and over analyzes to the point that no productivity can be achieved.

When you have generalized anxiety, you wake up every day fighting a battle that people without anxiety will never understand. Some days are easier than others. It…

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Slowly and surreptitiously, it started harmless. Smooth and sleek, it began to appeal to the desires of people who were its ardent in a manner that never suggested it would grow to the proportions prevalent in the world today. But like a tyrannical king, it stands wielding full and devilish control of minds, sensibilities and … Continue reading PORNOGRAPHY: A LETHAL SHOT TO THE WORLD

You are worth loving

Don’t come close… I’m covered in thorns, she said. I ignored and tried to hug her and found my self bleeding, trying to put my arms around her. Don’t! she said. And I struggled to wrap my arms around her. Each spine of thorn piercing through me, breaking my bones and bursting out of my … Continue reading You are worth loving


Was it worth it? I ask myself as I stand on a cliff, watching the waters, listening to the waves whispering my name, telling me about about peace in an end. I search deeply for a reason to stay. Looking to the sky for a sign for a better day. Having flashbacks of battles fought, … Continue reading Goodnight

Family Options For Single Women

When Women Inspire

Not everyone is lucky in love, and some women end up reaching their late thirties still single. There’s nothing wrong with this, of course, and the majority of older single women are very happy with their lives and relationship status. However, the question about children can often weight on their minds.

Female fertility starts to drop off over the age of forty. Past this age, it can be very difficult to conceive naturally. So, there is no wonder that many older single women start to consider raising a child on their own while they are still able to conceive. As they don’t have a partner, though, they need to think about their options. Here are some of the best.

Mom, child, and happiness Single women have several conception options. Here are the top ones. Pixabay image, free for commercial use.

Sperm Donation

Lots of single women consider finding a sperm donor. There are…

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A Night In The Past. (Inspired from ‘Midnight in Paris’)

An Obvious Oblivion Blog

Adriana had lighted one more cigarette in the glass holder, softly held between the fingers of her left hand and had it inhaled swiftly. There was no rush to exhale the smoke soon. She looked more red in anxiety. She was restless.

She grabbed the glass of wine in her right hand and walked towards the balcony. She hated to wait anymore minute and looked impatiently towards the big wall clock. The bells of the clock are yet to ring at the stroke of midnight. Bell ringing at the stroke of midnight were the signs of her hope of seeing Gil anytime soon.

She was aware of the fact that the love affair she assumed herself to be into was posthumous. She knew Gil belonged to some other time, some other world in a different era and to a different lady. But you can never logically deprive your heart of…

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Depressed black man

Depression: How To Battle, Handle, and Win Against It "The opposite of depression is not happiness, but vitality, and it was vitality that seemed to seep away from me in that moment." In a talk equal parts eloquent and devastating, writer Andrew Solomon takes you to the darkest corners of his mind during the years he battled depression. That led him to an … Continue reading Depression: How To Battle, Handle, and Win Against It

Proof That Women With Big Behinds Are Healthier and Smarter

If you put on some weight around your thighs and booty from overeating during the holidays then don’t worry. Not only is extra weight around your bum not bad for you, but researchers have found excess weight deposits in this region can have serious health benefits. Having some “cushin’ for the pushin’” down low can … Continue reading Proof That Women With Big Behinds Are Healthier and Smarter

Michelle Obama’s Advice To Single Women


Success is right there for the taking. It has always and will always be. The only thing you need to realise is that it will never come to you, you have to go and meet it. The road may be hard, treacherous and problematic, but never give up. You're a go-getter for a reason!

Quote of the Day #Happiness

People say happiness is overrated and/or expensive. Others say happiness is a luxury only the rich can afford... Those people are wrong and you should pay absolutely no mind to them. Happiness is a choice - a conscious choice! And until you choose to be happy, you wouldn't find nor be happy.

cheating in relationships

The Cheating Game: Who Does It Better?

Cheating in relationships: who does it better? You know, the myth and the expected/obvious answer to the question is that the "men" are the better cheaters. I mean, isn't that like 85% of the reason the men are scum movement is an ever trending topic and is one of the most widely accepted/heavily involved movements … Continue reading The Cheating Game: Who Does It Better?