20 Things To Start Doing In Your Relationship

When it comes to relationships, there is and will always be room for improvement. We have to keep learning and doing all in our power to make our relationships, promises and vows work. Remember it's a two-way street and it also begins with you. So here are 20 things you have to start doing in … Continue reading 20 Things To Start Doing In Your Relationship

Tips to Get Motivation

My Introverted Life

Motivation keeps us looking forward to our goals. At times we can all lose some motivation that we need to accomplish our goals. It’s like there’s something you really want to do, but there’s absolutely no motivation there. So you end up not doing it and eventually digging yourself into a rut. To me, that’s the worst feeling ever. So I’ve come up with some tips to help you regain that motivation and keep it so you can keep reaching and achieving your goals.

  1. Find Inspiration: Whenever I lose motivation to do something (like write a blog), I find that having a cute notebook with an inspirational quote helps. I also have a few pretty cool pictures in my room that I can look at.
  2. Remember your dreams: Remember what you’re goals are! Remember why you started doing what you love in the first place. Constantly think of it and…

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Quote of the day #MondayMotivation

We are switching things up today since it's a public holiday and most of us are indulging and enjoying it. Laughter is and will always be the best medicine. We usually work from monday to fridays (including the weekends for some) with little or no room to enjoy a series of good laughs. So laugh … Continue reading Quote of the day #MondayMotivation

Medieval Bias

I love watching movies and series set in medieval times. For some strange reason, it brings something out of me and always has me wishing I lived during that periods (as a free man, of course). TV shows like Game of Thrones, Reign, Spartacus, etc. and movies like Lord of the rings, etc., basically anything … Continue reading Medieval Bias

The Real Reasons People Cheat In Relationships

Cheating can be very detrimental and damaging to any relationship as it can break down the trust, honesty, and respect that both parties have built over time. And though it is important to recognize the warning signs that your man may be cheating on you, like him acting out of character and desperately wanting his … Continue reading The Real Reasons People Cheat In Relationships

Meeting deadlines

5 Great Ways To Always Meet Deadlines

This is one area that many people have problems with. A lot of people have lost contracts, been demoted, or even lost their jobs because they repeatedly failed to meet their deadlines as this might end up costing the company a lot more than they bargained for. You can be the most hardworking employee in … Continue reading 5 Great Ways To Always Meet Deadlines

Quote of the Day #MotivationMonday 

Never give up! Keep on going. You have what it takes to succeed 


​There she was crying in the darkness, Bounded by chains, drowning in her tears, In a prison of her own doing, The repercussions of her damaging actions, Pale, scared, half-dead, wishing for it all to end. He rode on his horse to save her, Fought to break her chains and set her free, But it … Continue reading Flames

Homo Sapiens: The Walking & Thinking Labels and Tags

Some time ago, I went to the supermarket to get some provisions and to get jam for a friend I lost a bet to. As you would expect, the supermarket had the prices of each product either slapped on it or on the shelf where the products were placed. And this got me thinking, what … Continue reading Homo Sapiens: The Walking & Thinking Labels and Tags

Quote of the Day #Health

Health is Wealth... This can never ever be stressed enough. Healthy living is major key 🔑🔑

10 Sounds You’ll Hear A Guy Make While Having “The S3Xs”

1. Low/ Silent Moans. Because of how "emasculating" it's said to be, men aren’t as vocal as women are during sex. For the shy guys, this is even worse. All you'd get are few low moans in your ear or him sounding like he's breathing out loud when you are giving him love. 2. Melodic … Continue reading 10 Sounds You’ll Hear A Guy Make While Having “The S3Xs”

7 Weird Facts About People You Never Knew

Your Ears Can Be Used To Identify You The shape of the human auricle (the outer, visible part of the ear) is unique to each individual. And just like your thumb print and your tongue print, it represents a viable means of personal identification. It represents an accurate means of personal identification. Current technology can … Continue reading 7 Weird Facts About People You Never Knew

Diary of an Insomniac (Entry 1)

Its 3 am in the morning and my new best friend – insomnia, is listening to me go on and on about life, my current state and of how things are with me. The only other person that truly knows what’s going on with me, and the Almighty God. So many questions about my life … Continue reading Diary of an Insomniac (Entry 1)

Quote of the Day #EmotionalMaturity

Today's quote is about Emotional Maturity. It is something that I believe if everyone has, the world will definitely be a much better place.

5 Myths About Heart Diseases You Should Know

Are you aware of your heart disease risk? You should be. A lot of women have at least one risk factor - High BP, Obesity, High cholesterol, smoking - but are still misinformed about their chances of developing heart disease and the health dangers it brings. So to help you know what is true and … Continue reading 5 Myths About Heart Diseases You Should Know